Friday, October 17, 2008

Solution For "rewrite" error

If you get this error, and the error message is pointing you to a “link_to” call or something similar, then you may be using an instance variable that’s called ‘@url’ too.

I finally discovered that, in my case, I was using ‘@url’ in the controller for the view where I was making the ‘link_to’ call.

Long story short, if you see this error, comb through your code (models, controllers and views) for any variables that are called ‘@url’ and change them.


We should not use "url" word as controller name,model name,action name,attribute name ..
Apparently you can’t use “Class” as a class in Java either.

Yep, same as ‘private’, ‘public’, etc. With the slight difference that these are keywords at the language as oposed to framework level.

Then simply replace url word with other..

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